We guarantee on-time and on-budget delivery of your product.  Harness the power of relational algebra for radically faster, more scalable solutions tailored to your industry specifics and easily customized to your unique requirements. 

With over 30 years of experience, our Data Science and Development teams have a single passion, to produce exceptional quality code quickly and affordably.  We challenge you to take our scoped-out project and find anyone who can guarantee the same results.

Our guarantee is simple: if the cost of the signed-off fully scoped project exceeds the agreed upon price for delivery then the overage is on us.  In the unlikely event we are late in delivering a fully functional project, for every month we are behind, prorated daily, we reduce the project cost by 5%.  If we are late to the point of affecting the initial down payment then we have to refund the amount due monthly until it is 100% refunded.  We still are obligated to produce the project no matter what.  As such, we make it a point to deliver early. Errors caught after delivery and acceptance up to 30 days will be promptly corrected.  Errors caught after modifications have been made by our client are the client’s responsibility as there is no way to know what caused the error at that point.  If a client chooses to have NFSD continue to manage development then we will repair any errors caught regardless of time. *

*Full details of our guarantee are contained within our contract with specific examples.

Time is money – don’t fall behind because your projects are taking too long.