NFSD leverages a number of industry leading tools and our own proprietary code to deliver expert results quickly and affordably. Key Tools include Infragistics, SQL Server, and VB. We chose these three for the following reasons:

  1. Infragistics ( has been creating custom objects to improve look and feel of applications since 1989. They are a leader in their field providing well tested and proven objects that are rich and easily customizable. Our VP of Technology first started using their tools back in 1993 and has had excellent experience with them over the years. As such they are in our opinion the most developed and advanced toolset.  Leveraging this toolset, we are able to:
    • Build Data-Rich and Responsive Apps using Modern Web Frameworks. This includes the most complete library of enterprise-grade .NET and JavaScript charts, grids and UI components and controls available. These include native libraries for Angular, ASP.NET (Core and MVC), Blazor, jQuery, React, Web Components, empowering developers with the tools to create or replicate beautiful experiences in any web framework.
    • Build Modern, Enterprise-Grade Desktop Applications.  Integrating the industry-leading Ultimate UI toolkits for Windows Forms and WPF, we renovate and build modern desktop applications. Some of these are enterprise-grade charts, grids, and UI controls, built on .NET Core 3.1 for enterprise-grade performance, and enabling developers to create Microsoft-Office inspired applications for desktop and touch devices.
    • Build High-Performance Apps for Any Mobile Platform.  Our mobile app developers harness the power of the Ultimate UI toolkits for Android, iOS and Xamarin, and Xamarin, including native, responsive charts, grids, components, and controls – enabling you to create applications with consistent features, functionality and performance on any mobile platform or device.
  2. There are many, many database systems out there. Some well-known and others bleeding edge. Of the biggest and best tested and known database systems, MS SQL Server, is the only one with extreme locking control. As almost no company takes advantage of this distinction they cannot attest to the real power of MS SQL and often rate products such as Oracle as superior, when in fact if proper techniques are applied MS SQL is the fastest fully relational database system on the market. It is also well developed and supported by rich tools, functions and powerful coding options.
  3. Visual Basic (VB) is often scoffed at. We believe it is due to its name only. C Sharpe (C#) is the code of preference outnumbering VB programmers two-to-one, probably because the name sounds better! MS syncs all functionality between the two languages every two years. They both compile for over a decade to the same underlying code, so there is no functional difference between the two no matter what anyone claims. Just a simple fact. VB has three distinct advantages:
    • C# is case sensitive causing code to break if a variable or object is typed in using the wrong case. Neither SQL nor VB has that fragility. C#’s case sensitivity is exceedingly annoying and wastes time.
    • C# requires a semicolon at the end of each statement for no functional reason. You forget the semicolon and it fails.
    • C# was written by professors trying to prove how smart they were so they created symbols for functions. It is completely unnecessary and VB spells them out so that it is clear what you are doing, or what others were attempting to do. Mistakes in C# with the symbols are far more common causing like projects to take longer and be more error prone in QA and Production.
      Due to these reasons the exact same projects done in C# take significantly longer to produce on average, and even longer to modify, than projects programmed in VB.
      VB is a very mature language rich in functionality and performs well for visual display. We handle business logic in the database as it is fastest working with buffered data instead of inefficiently forcing potentially large amounts of data to be ported to the middle tier for processing. Moving data unnecessarily is a resource hog and is inherently slow.

Why does this matter?

Many providers use Tools from multiple sets that end up competing against each other via registry and other conflicts. This creates error prone code that is more expensive to maintain and as such we develop all our projects using the above three code bases. This allows us to focus on our Client requirements instead of dealing with conflicts and problems. If a specific function can only be coded in another language we compile it as an API and call it within our applications or database code as necessary. This does occur on rare occasions.

Big Data centric applications need performance and scalability. We develop Front-End, Databases, Back-End, and Cloud solutions that allow our clients to take full advantage of their data for real-time advantages in speed and scalability regardless of the amount of data, whether via the web, mobile applications, etc.