Why Normalized Full-Stack Development? 

Development is expensive, aggravating and time consuming. In many cases, as the project evolves, expenses rise and deadlines are expanded. With NFSD, we have developed a proprietary technology that allows us to take a project scope and build it quickly through normalized development with respect to mass code production and mass object management. Our technology can handle millions of applications within a single database with ease while producing code, objects, and content for a project in a fraction of the normal time required. Further, we include management and control of multi-lingual content with no limits. Once completed the code for any given project can be easily ported to its own source control for delivery to our clients.

As part of our unique approach to scoping and development, we partner with you to understand your specific goals and outcomes, and work with you to ensure an efficient process and successful execution of your vision. Our consultants work with your subject matter experts to quickly translate your ideas to a working project plan and help you map stories and diagrams to code. This evolution of your ideas from visualized concepts to a viable product is achieved over the course of months rather than years.

NFSD provides guaranteed results, on time and on budget, with secure, efficient, cleaner data, and powerful tools to harness the potential of your data. We leverage industry-specialized templates that are quickly tailored to your specific requirements. Finally, our approach provides unmatched database security so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and your security team is happy.

Our full-stack capabilities include Database Architecture, Database Development, Database Management Services, UI/UX Design and UI Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Back-End Development, QA Testing Services, Load Testing, Application Security, DevOps, Cloud, and IoT Development Services.