No More Ransomware, Mission Critical Data Theft or Destruction:

Protecting your important data has become an urgent issue in today’s world of cyber criminals.  United Healthcare, Twitter, Carnival Cruises, SANS, Adobe, eBay, Equifax, Heartland Payment Systems, LinkedIn, Marriott International, and Yahoo have all been breached to name a few.  Ransomware* is even more sinister holding your data as hostage by cyber criminals.  Even when paid your business is often damaged and your critical data disseminated throughout the world. 

Utilizing our proprietary technology and approach, NFSD provides data security services to help our clients protect their proprietary technology and data from the threat of a ransomware attack, data destruction or any other unauthorized intrusion. Using NFSD’s security methodologies and custom security monitoring and protection application, we are now able to provide clients with a ransomware-proof production domain infrastructure so you can maintain business continuity without fear of ransomware. 

On October 19, 2020, Mr. Berger presented “Rock Solid Security Methods for Projects with Critical Data” at the 2020 IDEAS Global AI Conference. IDEAS is the world’s largest data science organization with hundreds of thousands of members world-wide. The advanced techniques covered in this lecture shows data specialists as well as the security administrators how to lock down their server environment completely eliminating these threats to your mission critical data.


Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts and blocks access to a victim’s data, with the threat to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access until a ransom is paid.  Often the data is stolen, copied, and sold on the dark web regardless of whether the blackmail is paid. Sometimes data is also irrevocably altered, damaged, or destroyed.

NFSD can help you protect your company’s most important assets from ransomware, destruction or straight data theft, and at the same time save you thousands of hours of resource time as well as help you get your client server projects done faster, cleaner, cheaper, and more securely.  Reach out today to discuss your project requirements.