Solutions tailored for your industry:

NFSD provides solutions configured for most industries that allow us to provide a highly tailored project for our clients while leveraging reusable elements (such as Infragistics tools, etc.) and similarities for faster delivery. All client projects are also fully tailored to meet specific client requirements, goals and outcomes.

NFSD is designed to support virtually all industries. These include Education and Education Services, Healthcare and Health Services, Groceries and Food Services, Entertainment, Gaming, Banking and Financial Services, Job and Career Services, Travel and Hospitality Services, Transportation, Real Estate Services, Sports Services, Dating, Pharmaceutical Services, Retail Services, Home Improvement Services, Automotive Services, Wearables, Smart Home, to name just a few.

We can also provide specific solutions for job portals, health and fitness, ordering and delivery, travel planning, streaming and entertainment, and virtual health services.