US Development

NFSD uses only internal, US based coders to ensure our quality of work and deliverables.  We do not outsource any part of the development lifecycle.  This allows us to guarantee the quality and timing of our work and avoid common challenges with outsourced development.  

  1. Information and Data security are at risk with offshore handling of the data and lack of visibility or accountability over security and privacy controls and risk mitigation. Whether through nation state activity, criminal behavior, insider threat, or opportunistic vendors, your offshore code, intellectual property, and technologies may be stolen, shared, or reverse engineered without realistic legal recourse.
  2. It can be difficult to control quality and timing on outsourced projects.  We believe regular and accurate communication is key to trust and project success.  
  3. Context and nuance are often lost as cultural differences can lead to difficulties in conveying or receiving an accurate understanding of expectations.
  4. Scope and business rules are often difficult to convey and thus not followed.
  5. Quality of code is virtually always problematic.  Most code is written inefficiently and insecurely. Some code can be illegible due to naming conventions for variables and in code documentation.   
  6. Code source control can be a serious issue. Problems may arise both in obtaining and ensuring the source control as well as using and maintaining it due to formatting standards and lack of process control.
  7. Project management can be difficult due to time zone and/or language and cultural barriers.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer of software engineers based in the US.